Practice Areas

At Hyman & Lewis, clients benefit from our over twenty years of expansive legal experience. From complex commercial and criminal litigation matters to diverse business transactions, the attorneys at Hyman & Lewis bring big firm experience while ensuring each client gets very personalized attention in pursuit of their legal objectives. Our professionals represent clients throughout the State of Florida in the following areas below.

Business Law

The business attorneys at Hyman & Lewis assist start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs. We focus on the transactions and ongoing operations of business enterprises including strategy planning, operating agreements, policies and procedures, compliance with local and federal laws and more.

Commercial Litigation

From simple contract disputes to multiparty complex civil litigation, the attorneys of Hyman & Lewis have the skill and experience to help efficiently resolve legal disputes for clients of every size. Depending on the nature of the dispute and our clients desires, we may draw upon our extensive litigation and trial experience to obtain results, or employ one of many forms of alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration, mediation and direct negotiation. In every case, we remain flexible and collaborate directly with our clients to keep them informed and involved in the litigation process.

Employment Law

The attorneys at Hyman & Lewis provide individuals and businesses with counseling and litigation in a variety of employment and labor matters. We assist in assuring compliance with complex state and federal employment laws. We provide representation in cases of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, non-compete, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), wrongful termination, employment contracts, whistleblower and more.

Appellate Law

At Hyman & Lewis, we are often retained to challenge an adverse ruling on appeal or to preserve a favorable ruling from a lower court or regulatory agency. We aid trial lawyers in developing strategies to position a case for successful resolution in trial proceedings. Some clients seek assistance with crafting effective post-trial motions or identifying issues for appeal or post-appeal.

Additional Areas of Practice:

Administrative/Regulatory Compliance

The attorneys of Hyman & Lewis understand that our clients business interests often involve complex interactions with local and state government. We serve as a point of contact to interact and collaborate with government agencies to keep our clients in compliance with pertinent rules and regulations. When necessary, we also serve as an effective advocate to challenge agencies through administrative hearings or judicial review of administrative actions.

A significant subset of our regulatory practice includes counseling clients in the service and hospitality industry as to compliance with business licensing and permitting requirements, including the Florida Responsible Vendor Act. Often, the best defense against adverse regulatory action is provided to these clients through an ongoing educational relationship which keeps them up to date and informed on the state of the law.

Construction Litigation – Installation Defects – Hardwood Floors

The attorneys at Hyman & Lewis are handling installation defect cases involving hardwood flooring. We represent homeowners who have installed custom wood or high-end wood flooring and experienced moisture sensitivity damage. The moisture causes the wood to swell, shrink, crack, gap, bubble and even warp. Consumers looking to recover compensation for diminished property value and costs associated with testing, repairing, or replacing their flooring should seek guidance from an experienced attorney.

Creditors’ Rights

Today’s complex regulatory environment and a plethora of consumer protection laws make the collection of business debts a minefield for unwary creditors. The attorneys of Hyman & Lewis provide their clients with sophisticated legal solutions to obtain the maximum value for their outstanding debts. Whether through post-judgment proceedings in state court or through bankruptcy litigation, we present our clients with their full range of remedies and a concrete plan to monetize their civil judgments and other debts.


At Hyman & Lewis we represent individuals, banks, mortgage lenders, and creditors. Our foreclosure attorneys handle both residential and commercial property foreclosures throughout Florida. We can assist with mortgage foreclosures, bankruptcy, real estate closings, title insurance and more.

Juvenile Criminal Defense

Juvenile allegations should be taken very seriously. It’s important to hire an experienced attorney who will guide you and protect your child’s rights. The arrest and allegations can also have a profound effect on your child’s reputation and a conviction can affect their future job opportunities in the military, governmental agencies, state and federal law enforcement positions, or jobs in the private sector.

Real Estate Litigation

The attorneys of Hyman & Lewis draw on their broad experience to assist clients with legal issues arising out of real estate financing, development, leasing and acquisition. Our clients have included a range of prominent banking institutions, private equity funds and individual investors.

We have assisted clients in resolving complex zoning and environmental issues, navigating restrictive covenants and development agreements, recovering low income housing tax credits and in the recovery and liquidation of collateral secured by mortgages on real property. We also represent landowners and lenders in disputes with government entities over improper municipal liens, assessments and the issuance of debt by Community Development Districts. In each case, we tailor our litigation strategies to meet clients’ objectives for the real property at issue, whether they may be seeking a long term investment, an efficient liquidation or an ongoing business endeavor.

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