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If your appeal is denied for review or you receive an unfavorable decision by the Social Security Appeals Council, you can file an appeal to a federal United States District Court for review. You have 60 days from the date of the Appeals Council decision to file this lawsuit. Having an attorney represent at this level is the best way to combat the many resources the SSA has to fight against your claim. Our disability attorneys at Severance, Burko, Spalter & Masone, PC have years of federal court experience and we know the specific procedural aspects of the process and what to expect.

We know what arguments to make and how to prepare your case for federal court

When your complaint is filed in federal court, a judge reviews your case primarily for legal errors. A federal court may overturn the decision of the Social Security Appeals Council if the SSA did not give sufficient weight to the opinion of treating doctors, experts and other evidence or failed to take available evidence into consideration entirely. When deciding your case, the judge may:

  • Remand the case to the SSA for further review
  • Affirm the SSA’s decision to deny your claim
  • Reverse the SSA’s decision and award you with benefits

Our New York disability law firm has over three decades of experience handling claims

By handling your claim from the beginning, we know it inside and out which allows us to form the strongest case possible if it becomes necessary to file a lawsuit in federal district court. Our disability attorneys level the playing field by providing aggressive representation against the Social Security Administration, which has many resources at its disposal such as medical reviewers, claims personnel, consultants and a legal department. Our legal team prepares each case with an effective appellate brief that outlines the strengths of your case. Our services are offered on a contingency fee basis, so there is no need to worry about coming up with enough money to fight the Social Security Administration in court.

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Judges and juries sometimes make mistakes and it is important to have an experienced attorney guide you through the appeals process when this happens. At Severance, Burko, Spalter & Masone, PC we handle cases from initial claims through appeal for working class and disabled persons. Call us at (718) 625-2300 and set up an appointment at our Montague Center office in Brooklyn or our Staten Island office.

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