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The Workers’ Compensation Law recognizes two types of benefits:

  • Total Disability – This occurs when a worker cannot earn any wages for any type of work.
  • Partial Disability – This occurs when a worker has lost some ability to earn wages but is still able to perform some job functions, such as light-duty tasks. If you have a partial disability, or if the Judge finds a partial disability, you must start looking for work (insert link to the looking for work page) within your restrictions.

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If you are deemed partially disabled you must look for work and accept employment you are capable of performing within your restrictions. Workers’ Compensation may pay a percentage of lost wages based on the level of your partial disability. If you obtain employment at a lesser rate of pay than before the accident, you might qualify for reduced earnings benefits if the disability is the reason for the reduction in earnings. It crucial to have an attorney inform you of your rights and options and advise you while making key decisions regarding your disability.

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Coping with injury while dealing with a disability claim can be a daunting task but having a reliable attorney at your side makes things go as smoothly as possible. At Severance, Burko, Spalter, Masone & Laurette PC we understand your needs and provide a wealth of knowledge and experience dealing with disability legal issues. We provide services in Spanish and English to people in the five boroughs, Long Island, and the NY Metro area. Contact us today at (718) 625 2300 to set up a free initial consultation.

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