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If your claim for Social Security Disability benefits in New York has been denied, don’t worry: you are not alone. The majority of claims are denied the first time around and it is important to not get discouraged. Common reasons for denials are lack evidentiary support and failure to satisfy strict disability definitions. Bad faith insurance claim denials are also unfortunately common. Fortunately for our clients, our law firm often finds success through appeals. At Severance, Burko, Spalter & Masone, PC, we have appealed benefit claim denials for people with all sorts of disabilities including:

  • Impaired and lost vision
  • Hearing damage and loss
  • Physical disabilities
  • Mental and psychological disorders
  • Spinal cord disabilities

Our attorneys guide you through each stage of the appeals process

If your Initial Determination has been denied, you have 60 days to file an appeal and request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). Often times, claimants are able to receive their benefits at this level. We help our clients prepare for this hearing and provide information to support your claim and establish your credibility. Our law firm has found much success in the past at this stage by working diligently to gather the necessary medical documents and preparing you each step of the way. If we receive an unfavorable ruling by the ALJ, we can continue along the appeals process (See our Unfavorable Decision by a Judge page)

We are dedicated to helping you get well and obtain the compensation you deserve Our legal team assists you with your claim for disability benefits in New York in a variety of ways, from the initial application through appeals when necessary. Having an attorney prepare your initial application reduces the likelihood that your claim will be denied. Even if your claim is denied, it is important to remember that just because your initial claim has been denied, you may still be entitled to benefits. If you do have to appeal your case, it is crucial to have an attorney prepare your case because statistically your appeal to the Administrative Law Judge is your best chance to obtain benefits. Our attorneys are ready to begin preparing your appeal today.

If your benefits have been denied, contact us immediately and let us fight for you

At Severance, Burko, Spalter & Masone, PC we handle claims from initial filing to appeals for denial of benefits. Let one of our skilled attorneys represent you if your claims have been denied and together we will explore your legal options and determine what is best for you. Contact us at (718) 625-2300 to set up an appointment at our Montague Center office in Brooklyn or our Staten Island office. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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