What to Do If Your Injury Has Lasted for More Than 6 Months

Attorneys at Severance, Burko, Spalter & Masone, PC know work comp and SSD law

Sometimes workers' compensation benefits run out, leaving you without financial and medical assistance while you are experiencing life with a disability and mounting medical bills. Luckily, a worker who becomes permanently disabled or suffers a disability for a continuous period of more than 12 months may be eligible to receive monthly Social Security benefits. If your injury exceeds 6 months, our law firm will begin reviewing your file and preparing your application. We encourage you to seek the assistance of an attorney to properly complete your forms and apply as soon as possible because these claims are often denied the first time, which can lead to lengthy appeals.

We explain and review your disability options to find what is best for you

Our attorneys can assist you with your initial workers' compensation claim and when the time comes we can prepare your application with the Social Security Administration (SSA) for disability benefits. Having an attorney knowledgeable with New York work comp and federal disability laws guide you through each step of the process provides you with the reassurance that you are in safe hands. Here are some of things we can review with you while waiting to file your claims with the SSA:


  • Whether you are eligible for long-term disability insurance benefits
  • Whether you can continue to receive workers' compensation benefits while waiting to file your claim with the Social Security Administration, which depends on your work comp classification or schedule loss of use
  • Whether to seek Social Security Disability or Supplement Security Income through the Social Security Administration


We prepare your claim ahead of time to ensure accuracy and completion

At Severance, Burko, Spalter & Masone, PC, our policy is to begin reviewing your claim after you have been out of work 6 months to give us adequate time to prepare your application with the Social Security Administration. We begin by gathering necessary documentation of your disability including medical reports, accident reports, witness statements, employer records and any other evidence relevant to your claim. Our law firm has over 35 years of experience preparing successful disability benefit applications with the SSA.

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If your disability has lasted for more than six (6) months, contact the Severance, Burko, Spalter & Masone, PC law offices to explore your options. We can help you obtain SSD and SSI benefits to assist you during your time of need. We offer our services on a contingency fee basis, so you pay no attorney's fee unless we recover for you. Set up an appointment at our Montague Center Brooklyn office or Staten Island by emailing us online or calling us at (718) 625-2300.